Metro Studio
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The Metro Concept...

Metro Design Studio Salons was the first to bring a new concept to the St. Louis salon scene in 1999. Designed to allow salon professionals unparalleled success, this innovative idea is what Metro Design Studio Salons call the "self-contained" studio. We now rent studios to more than 70 exceptionally talendted hairstylists, manicurists and estheticians in our four beautiful locations. These people have worked in commission salons, booth rental salons and some have previously owned large salons.

Studios are renting fast. So if you are ready to keep 100% of your profits, operate your own business in a private studio, design the perfect environment for you and your clients and create your own work schedule, then it is time to call for a tour. You can even share your studio if you want to work part time. Don't wait any longer. Check out the road to independence and professional success and rent more than just a chair.